XTension for OS X

New Purchasers : $149.95

XTension for Classic MacOS : $89.95

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You can Download the latest version at www.MacHomeAutomation.com

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If you are going to put the X-10 Interface
on a newer Mac with USB only, then you
must buy one of the USB-Serial adaptors.

Sand Hill Engineering is not related to X-10 corp.
or to any of the producers of the X-10 interfaces that XTension supports.
We produce only the Macintosh software.

Suggested List Prices:

XTension for OS X Electronic delivery : $189.95
XTension for MacOS Classic : $89.95

( all prices US $ )

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What is the "Classic" Version ?

The "Classic" version of XTension is the time-honored and proven version
that runs on the "Classic" MacOS's, including the "classic" mode under OS X.
It is in no way hobbled.
Some prefer the Classic version because there are many Classic Macs still available,
and as always, extremely stable.
You will also get a significant discount on the OS X version when you decide to upgrade.

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